The Microjet programme was started in the early 80's by Microjet SA in France, a subsidiary of Groupe Creuzet, an aircraft component manufacturer. The program was initiated by Jean-Gabriel Bayard, then president of Microturbo. The Microjet was aimed at the military training market. First flight of a wooden prototype F-WZJF occured on 24 June 1980 with Jacques Grangette at the controls. He was also the one heading the design group. First flight of a pre-production aircraft (F-WDMT) took place on 19 May 1983. The third prototype had underwing hardpoints. The following description applies to the Microjet 200 B.

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Photo Copyright Burkhard Domke

The Microjet prototypes were powered by two Microturbo TRS-18-1, each rated at 293 lbst, uprated automatically to 326 lbst if the other engine should fail during take-off. The production aircraft was to be powered by the TRS-18-2 rated at 405 lbst.

The structure was a classic semi-monocoque, gear was retractable (electrical actuators), cockpit unpressurized, seats staggered by 22in, avionics was IFR and included the military extras such as UHF, TACAN and IFF.

The small vertical fins on the tail were added in 1989 to address spin recovery issues.

Poor performance due to inadequate powerplant made the aircraft inappropriate for its intended market.

Photo Copyright Burkhard Domke

Wing Span 24 ft 9.75 in 7.56 m
Wing root chord 2 ft 9.5 in 0.85 m
Wing aspect ratio 9.1
Wing area 67.60 sqft 6.28 m2
Aileron area 4.80 sqft 0.446 m2
Flap area 7.43 sqft 0.69 m2
Wing section RA 16.3c3
Wing dihedral 5 deg 2 sec
Wing incidence 3 deg
Wing sweep 0 deg at 30% chord
Tail area 27.13 sqft 2.52 m2
Tail dihedral 35 deg
Tail sweep 26 deg at 50% chord
Overall length 21 ft 10 1/2 in 6.665 m
Fuselage length 21 ft 6 1/2 in 6.56 m
Fuselage width 3 ft 7 1/4 in 1.10 m
Overall height 9ft 0 5/8 in 2.76 m
Wheel track 6 ft 3 1/2 in 1.92 m
Wheelbase 8 ft 8 in 2.64 m
MTOW (+7/-3.5g) 1140 lb 2513 kg
MTOW (+4/-1.8g) 1300 lb 2866 kg
Empty weight 1719 lb 780 kg
Max. wing loading 42.4 lb/sq ft 207 kg/m2
Max fuel 750 lb 340 kg
PERFORMANCE with 326 lbst engines    
Never exceed speed 300 kts 555 km/h
Thrust loading 2.68 lb/lb 273 kg/kN
Max. cruise speed SL (FL180) 250 kts 463 km/h
Best cruise speed (FL180) 210 kts 389 km/h
Stall speed (power off, flaps down) (VSC) 79 kts 146 km/h
Ground roll 2460 ft 750 m
Obstacle clearance 15m / 50ft 3800 ft 1150 m
Obstacle clearance 15m / 50ft 2220 ft 675 m
Ground roll 1430 ft 435 m
Sea level 1772 ft/min 540 m/min
Engine out (SL) 295 ft/min 90 m/min
Service ceiling 30000 ft 9150 m
One engine inop ceiling 10000 ft 3050 m
Range at best cruise (20 min res.) 400 nm 741 km
Maximum endurance 2 h

Source: Jane's All the World Aircraft 84-85.

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